My first blog post!

Well hello people! As the (admitedly) descriptive title might suggest, this is my first blog post. This isn't, however, my first blog, though I certainly intend to use this one more than the last (it had a total of... One post). The last (and also the first, oddly enough), blog I had was created with drupal - which, while it can do a lot of things well, wasn't my prefered web platform. This site is powered by Nikola, which I find is a lot more to my liking. Not just because it's python... I love python... But because it's static and doesn't have to deal with dynamic stuff. Oh yeah, and php. God I hate php. Why do I hate php? Um... Future post, I'll create the rant tag then. :p

Guess that's it for now, lots of site tweaking probably to come, an about me page with links to my github, gitlab, etc etc. Piece