Content, content, content

So, for the longest time, I had lots of ideas on what I would do with a site / blog once I got one. I feel like this was a clasic case of "If I only had a..." (is that a thing)?

That's not to say I don't still have ideas, there just... Much less numerous than they once were. I feel like this is the first thing that bloggers everywhere have to overcome -- "what am I gonna talk about? What do people care enough about to actually read my ramblings?" (And that's what this is, if you didn't know, me, rambling)

See... Now I don't know what to say. I wanted to at least post something today, to keep writing... Something...

Actually, today a friend of mine mentioned keeping a Nikola site under git version control, and linked me to this blog post, which explains how someone did it with a different VCS. I liked the post, so I went to his home page... He has like 11 posts, the last of which in early 2013.

Which made me wonder about my own blog / site. So what's the point of this little rant, you might be asking? Well uh... None... I just thought I'd mention it... See I'm not good at this writing thing. Code I can do fine, but trying to come up with topics I'd like to share is beyond me (at least for the moment).

I'm sure I'll write a tutorial or guide that I wish I would have had when setting up some server or another and post that here, but until then, the only things I can think to post are random thoughts and observations.

I can't promise they'll be interesting, or that you'll even want to read them... If, in fact, anyone else is reading this (I can't tell because I have no comment system enabled at the moment), but I do hope that they make you think or are helpful to you in some way. So until next time.