what makes a holiday?

This post was originally called "What makes it feel like christmas", but then I got to wondering: why limit it to christmas?

Actually, today is my birthday, and to be honest, if my parrents had told me it was December 20th instead of the 23rd... I would never have known. This got me thinking... What makes a holiday?

Is it the label on a calendar that makes it "official"? Is it the communal knowledge that "many many years ago, something happened today"?

Is it just because, as social animals at heart, we like to have parties?

I feel like its a bit of all of these and more.

Actually, the other day I was walking by a TV when I heard someone say that the 25th wasn't actually the day christ was born, and I thought, "Well how the hell would we know?" I won't even go into the hole religion thing here... [yet...], but this particular part always confused me. We're basically taking words written down in a book centuries ago and adapting it however we see fit. And by "we", I mean religious people, which, if you haven't already guessed, I am not one.

But anyways, I'm getting sidetracked. I just wanted to sit down and write a post to make people think - what does make a holiday? What makes a day "feel" like christmas. Is it the weather, (is it not cold enough to fit all the songs and stories you were exposed to as a kid)? Is there not enough "holiday cheer"? What makes December 25th, or any other day in the year, more special than any other. My answer? Absolutely none at all. I feel like collectively, we all just want something to cellibrate. Something to look forward to. "Don't be sad, son. Christmas is coming soon, and you'll be happy. Because in stories, little kids are always happy at christmas time!"

Now some of you might be thinking, "You jerk! You just ruined christmas and it's asociated mystique for me!"

To those people, I politely say, "Grow up"

And on that note, happy holidays! :p